Moody Nudie

  • $16.00

Born out of a desire to wear salon-quality manis sans the high price tag, Mani Muse provides on-trend, reusable, and easy-to-apply press-ons that look and feel like high-quality gels. Say goodbye to smudging and chipping — Mani Muse QikTips are durable and long-lasting. Better yet, they’re non-toxic, and non-damaging. All while saving hundreds of hours (and dollars) in the salon.

Get the perfect salon-quality mani everytime!

Long Lasting & Reusable

Time Efficient & Cost Effective

Non-Toxic & Non-Damaging

What's Inside

  • 24 nails to find your perfect fit
  • Dual-sided buffer/file
  • Non-toxic nail glue
  • How to apply

    • Start with clean, dry hands
    • Prep nails and cuticles for application
    • Using number guide on backside of nails, fit each nail prior to application
    • Apply glue to your natural nail and press-on
    • Align press-on with cuticle and gently press down and hold till glue activates
    • File to desired length and shape (optional)

    How to Remove

    Mani Muse will not damage your natural nail if they are removed properly. For best results, we recommend waiting to remove nails till they are naturally lifting (never force or pull nails off).

    Using Water: Soak nails in warm soapy water for 10 minutes. Using a cuticle stick, lightly push under sides of the nail to lift off. Gently buff off any excess glue. This is the best way to preserve nails for future use and our preferred method.

    Using Acetone: Gently file the top layer of press-on. Place acetone-soaked cotton over the nail and wrap with foil. Wait 15 minutes and then remove any excess product with a cuticle stick. Wash hands to remove any additional residue.

    Tips and Tricks

    + Lightly buff top of the nail and push back cuticles for longer wear

    + Use number guide on the back of nails for fit assistance (fit all nails prior to application)

    For gel-like wear, apply a generous amount of glue to the back of press-on and cover the entire base of natural nail from cuticle to tip

    + If over gluing occurs, immediately wipe off any excess glue

    + Ensure proper closure of nail glue to prevent it from drying out or leaking

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Love the matte!!

    Super cute nails, the matte is just what I was looking for. Please never get rid of these, I want to use them forever!

    The perfect name shape, length, and color!

    The only tweak I made was painting these with clear polish as I was not wild about the matte look. It worked perfectly!

    Healthier option than gel and so easy!

    We're going on one + week and going strong. I've had a few pop off, but they're easy to reuse and I've received many compliments. As a nail biter too, these are such a great option to feel put together with ease.

    My New Must Have

    I tried the Good Ombres Almond shaped nails and I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve tried press-on type nails before and didn’t have good luck but these are different. They look so real and I received many compliments. They come in a lot of sizes which is great for me and the nail glue doesn’t damage your natural nail. I’ve purchased more sets and will continue to use these nails!

    Laura Haney
    Perfect length, shape and color

    These are my go to nude nails! I first wore them for my wedding day and now i have re ordered them over and over. I’ve stopping going to the nail salon now for 2 years and never going back.