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Introducing Mani Muse, a better way to do your Manis.

Born out of a desire to wear salon-style manicures sans the high price tag, Mani Muse provides on-trend, reusable, and easy-to-apply press-ons that look and feel like high-quality gels.

Reasons to Love Us:

  • Easy to apply & remove
  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Selfie & shelfie worthy
  • Time-efficient & cost-effective
  • Salon quality mani in minutes
  • Ultra strong, no stress grip glue
  • No smudges, chipping or dry time
  • Customizable to desired shape & length

Meet the Muse

For Jess, spending hundreds of hours (and dollars) in the salon was just as inefficient as it was frustrating. The nail polish simply wouldn’t last, the gels would chip, and on top of all that, there were the toxic chemicals and exposure to UV lights to deal with. As an e-commerce SheEO specializing in clean beauty products (and a self-proclaimed mani-obsessee), Jess knew there had to be a better solution — it is simple-yet-genius and would make a difference for salon-goers everywhere.

That solution became Mani Muse, an on-trend and easy-to-apply press-ons that leave you with a fresh mani feeling in minutes. No salon price tag, no toxic ingredients, no chipping polish or appointment necessary.

“I’d love to pay more for a salon manicure I could easily do at home!”


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